Brennan Healing - Usui Reiki - Sechem Reiki

Your body already knows how to heal, though sometimes there may be disruptions which occur and lead to a lack of health or vitality.

Energy healing works with your system to release stored energy blocks, clear your energetic pathways and restore your natural equilibrium. This has a deep impact on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, allowing your body to relax and vibrate at a higher rate of health.

Brennan Healing

Brennan Healing Science is a profound healing system synthesizing the physical, energetic, psychological & spiritual principles of healing & human consciousness. It is designed to bring your system back into alignment in the most gentle, yet effective way.

Whether you’re suffering from a physical condition, emotional distress, feeling stuck, or just want to feel uplifted and more positive, energy healing could provide the key.

This non-invasive therapy can benefit you enormously by helping your body’s innate healing process to take place. The practical benefits of energy healing are achieved by restoring the natural energy balance & removing underlying conflicts that cause unwanted symptoms and problems in our lives.

Reiki Healing

Reiki is a healing therapy, channelling universal energy to help balance the mind, body and spirit.

It evolved in Japan from ancient teachings. The original and traditional Reiki is Usui. However today there are many forms of 'Reiki' including Sekhem, (Egyptian Reiki) Angelic Reiki and Karuna Reiki. They have different names & different symbols, however they all use the same basic premise of channelling universal energy for the good of the person receiving the healing.

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