Foot Massage for health & relaxation by a qualified Reflexologist

Reflexology is an holistic therapy, so the whole person is treated, not just the presenting symptoms. Gentle pressure is applied to specific points on the feet or hands, these points correspond to various areas on the body, also the systems and organs within it. This may stimulate unbalanced systems to return to a natural equilibrium. Regular treatments may help to maintain a sense of general well-being. Reflexology treatments are non invasive, safe and natural.

Reflexology may help the following:

Joint pain - Breathing disorders - Digestive problems - Hormonal imbalances - Fertility issues- Skin problems - Sleep disorders - Stress and anxiety - Muscular and joint pain.

Foot Reflexology

A Reflexologist does not claim to cure and will not prescribe or diagnose. Many doctors, consultants and other health care practitioners now recognise reflexology as a well established, respected and effective complementary therapy.
These days, the modern way is to rush and bustle without a moment’s reflection on how our bodies are coping. Its only when the mechanical parts break down that we stop and wonder what happened to our physical and mental wellbeing. Is it about time you made time for a treat for your feet?

Face and Feet - It really is an extra special treat!

If you're feeling like you might just need that bit extra, why not try our face & feet reflexology treatment. Begin with a relaxing combination of acupressure and gentle massage over meridian points on your face, it's a wonderfully relaxing start to your reflexology treatment, which is followed by a full reflexology treatment for your feet. The most relaxing experience......you deserve it.

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